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Meg Turney is a popular online personality known for her work as a content creator, model, and actress. She was born on March 12, 1987, in Austin, Texas, and is currently 36 years old. Meg gained a massive following on social media and YouTube for her cosplay, gaming, and vlogging content. She has also appeared in several movies and TV shows, including “Lazer Team” and “The Know“.

In this article, we will see in-depth information about Meg Turney including her Real Name, Age, Family, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Affairs, Phone Number, Address, and Many More.

Meg Turney Cosplay
Meg Turney Cosplay

Meg Turney Quick Wikipedia

Full NameMeg Turney
ProfessionYouTuber, cosplayer, model, &
Internet personality
Date Of BirthMarch 12, 1987
Age36 years old
Place Of BirthAustin, Texas, United States
Zodiac SignPisces
Popular AnimeSailor Moon, Naruto
Favorite CharacterSailor Moon
Height5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
Weight119 pounds (54 kg)
Eyes ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark brown
Body FigureHourglass
ParentsFather – N/A
Mother – N/A
SpouseGavin Free (partner)
SiblingsBrother – N/A
Sister – N/A
BoyfriendsGavin Free (partner)
College NameTexas State University
EducationBachelor’s degree in Fine Arts
Source Of IncomesYouTube, Patreon, modeling, and brand endorsements
Net Worth$500,000
Social MediaInstagram

Meg Turney Biography & Early Career

Meg Turney is an American YouTuber, cosplayer, model, and content creator known for her captivating personality and creative talents. She was born on March 12, 1987, in Austin, Texas, and grew up in the same city.

Meg attended Texas State University and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. She initially pursued a career in modeling and appeared in various advertisements and magazines. Meg later discovered her passion for cosplay and started creating costumes and portraying fictional characters at various conventions.

Meg Turney Biography
Meg Turney Biography

In 2012, Meg Turney began her YouTube career, where she gained a significant following for her vlogs, gaming videos, and cosplay tutorials. She quickly became known for her quirky personality, wit, and engaging content. Meg’s popularity on YouTube also opened up opportunities for her to collaborate with various brands and companies, including Rooster Teeth and GameSpot.

Throughout her career, Meg has continued to inspire and entertain her fans with her creativity and passion for cosplay and gaming. She remains an influential figure in the cosplay and gaming communities and continues to grow her fanbase through her engaging content and infectious personality.

Meg Turney Cosplay

Meg Turney Cosplay
Meg Turney Cosplay

Meg Turney is a well-known name in the world of cosplay. She has been cosplaying since 2002 and has gained a massive following for her impressive costumes and attention to detail. Meg has a talent for bringing fictional characters to life through her cosplay and has been recognized for her work at various conventions and competitions.

One of Meg’s most notable cosplays is her portrayal of Jessica Nigri’s Lollipop Chainsaw character, Juliet Starling. She also gained attention for her take on Princess Leia, Lara Croft, and Harley Quinn. Meg has a love for anime and video games, which is reflected in many of her cosplays.

In addition to her own cosplays, Meg has also collaborated with other cosplayers, photographers, and artists to create stunning group cosplays. Meg’s creativity and passion for cosplay have inspired many fans to try their hand at creating their own costumes and bringing their favorite characters to life.

Meg Turney Boyfriend

Meg Turney has been in a long-term relationship with Gavin Free, a British filmmaker, and producer who is known for his work with Rooster Teeth Productions. The couple has been together since 2013 and often collaborates on content for their respective YouTube channels.

They also frequently attend events and conventions together, where they sometimes cosplay as popular characters from movies, TV shows, and video games. Meg and Gavin have a large following on social media and are known for their humorous and engaging online personalities.

Meg Turney’s Physical Appearance

Meg Turney has an attractive physical appearance with stunning features. She stands at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall and weighs around 115 lbs (52 kg). She has a curvaceous figure with body measurements of 34-25-35 inches (86-64-89 cm), which complements her hourglass body shape.

Meg Turney's Physical Appearance

Meg has a beautiful face with striking blue eyes and long brown hair, which she likes to dye in different colors. She often styles her hair in various ways, including curly, wavy, and straight. Her distinctive features, combined with her charming personality, make her an internet sensation and a role model to many of her fans.

Less Known Facts about Meg Turney

Here are some lesser-known facts about Meg Turney:

  1. Meg was a member of the Rooster Teeth Productions team and worked as an on-camera host for shows like The Know, Ten Little Roosters, and The Patch.
  2. She started her career as a cosplayer and gained popularity for her cosplay of characters from popular anime and video games.
  3. In 2014, she was a victim of a home invasion by a stalker, who broke into her house with a gun. The incident resulted in a shootout between the stalker and the police, and fortunately, Meg and her then-boyfriend were unharmed.
  4. Meg has a degree in journalism from Texas State University.
  5. In 2015, she started a YouTube channel with her then-boyfriend, Gavin Free, called “Meg Turney Vlogs,” where they would post vlogs, challenges, and travel videos.
  6. Meg is a huge fan of sci-fi and has attended Comic-Con for several years.
  7. She is an animal lover and has several pets, including a dog named Ruben and cats named Salem and Luna.
  8. Meg has worked with several brands, including Loot Crate, Crunchyroll, and Funimation, and has appeared in various music videos.
  9. She has a massive following on social media, with over a million followers on both Twitter and Instagram.
  10. Meg is an advocate for mental health awareness and has spoken openly about her own struggles with anxiety and depression.
Meg Turney Earning & Net Worth

Meg Turney Earning & Net Worth

Meg Turney’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. She has earned this wealth through various sources such as her career in modeling, hosting, and content creation. Meg has also been a part of several successful YouTube channels and has collaborated with major brands, which has helped her earn a considerable income.

In addition to her career, Meg has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts. She has supported causes such as cancer research and animal welfare and has also used her platform to raise awareness and funds for these causes.

It is worth noting that net worth estimates can vary depending on the source, and Meg herself has not disclosed her exact earnings or net worth publicly.

Who is Meg Turney?

Meg Turney is a popular content creator, cosplayer, and model. She gained fame through her YouTube channel, where she posts vlogs, gaming videos, and other content.

What kind of cosplay does Meg Turney do?

Meg Turney is known for her cosplay of characters from a variety of franchises, including anime, video games, and comic books. Some of her most popular cosplay includes characters from “Attack on Titan,” “League of Legends,” and “Star Wars.”

How did Meg Turney get famou

Meg Turney gained fame through her work as a cosplayer and content creator. Her YouTube channel, which she started in 2010, helped her gain a following thanks to her gaming videos and vlogs. She has since expanded her presence to other platforms, including Twitch and Instagram.

What is Meg Turney’s net worth?

While her exact net worth is unknown, Meg Turney has built a successful career as a content creator, model, and cosplayer. She has worked with several major brands and has a large following on social media, which likely contributes to her income.

Is Meg Turney still active on social media?

Yes, Meg Turney is still active on social media. She regularly posts updates and content on her various platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. She also frequently interacts with her fans through live streams and other events.

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